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NASTY ZO6'S new wheels!

Sizzle Chest

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Well the ZO6 is getting a new set of wheels!!! I can't wait...they are almost done.


19" and 20" combo. Matte black centers, gloss black barrels, red lips, gloss black hardware and the center caps you see here.


It's gonna be sick!!!


Stay tuned for the shots of them on the car soon!


A few pics:





MY CENTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!








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whats the deal with all the black cars with black wheels w/red lips here in florida?? i swear ive been here a little over a week and have seen at least 5 in northern ft myers already.


It's the hotness baby...didn't ya know!



Go Brother Scotty!!!!!!!!!!:drool::drool:


Thanks amigo. You gotta give me a shout sometime...talk about some good stuff!



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Guest Luke Warmwater
I will try to find out for you. :2thumbs: I would imagine the HRE's will be lighter, they are a one piece design and mine are 3 piece.


Nice GT!

Thx! Looking forward to seeing yours mounted on the car. I bet it will look great. I did a little PhotoChopping and put the HREs on mine. I'm trying to decide if I like black wheels on mine or not.



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