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Hi from Socal


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Hey guys, i just registered and thought id check in. My name is Sam, and im from Sunny San Diego. Ive known about adams for a while, but have never really known the proper way to detail a car. However over the last couple of days ive been watching Junkman's Videos after i found then whilst trolling over on Digital Corvettes, and so im thinking of picking up the Adams Kit with the PC and the SHR, FMP, and Machine superwax and seeing what i can do with my beat up fox mustang (lets just say the paints seen better days, lmao, ALOT better days)


Back to me, i currently drive a 1992 Ford Mustang GT, and my dad has a 1969 Mustang Mach 1. Hopefully i can get alot of good info here and get my cars all looking better than new (although im not sure what the success ratings will be with that...):willy:


Heres the obligatory pic of my car, which just happens to include my friends old Supercharged Civic Si (traded in last week for a 99 M3) and my buddies starion (recently painted flat black, and some of the damage fixed so the headlights actually go all the way down:lolsmack:)


Anyways, for some reason(to me) this pic makes my paint look pretty **** good... This was back when i had a limo tint with a 35% Windshield (i miss it, got boned by the local popo about 3 weeks after this pic)



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Thanks Junkman, Im actually really glad i found your videos, my Fox needs some lovin real fast, lmao. Hopefully this adams kit and a good polisher can do the trick, however im not that hopeful, after the top started turning pink i kind of stopped caring about the paint on the car >_<

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