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you could jsut go te Home depot or Lowes and get one, Thats what I did and it works great.


Anybody know where to look in lowes? I am going to try and finds one htere in the morning. We are going to hit 56 tomorrow. That means the G8 is getting a bath. :banana::rockon::banana:

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I went to the Lowes by me and they didn't have one.

Would one of those Mr Clean car wash sprayer things make a cheap subsitute?


I doubt it, the Mr Clean does not foam very well. You could always use the water filter though. Welcome to the forum, and lets see some pics.

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why doesn't adam's have a foam gun?


He did, but the company that makes them is going through some issues and they are out of stock in most places. I believe they are moving production around. I wish they would get there stuff together so Adam can get some more foam guns and we all can buy them.

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