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Time to restock -- Presale questions



Just over a year ago I purchased the equivalent of what you now call "The Junkman's Total Paint Correction Kit" (although not as a single kit). Over the last 15 months I have been constantly amazed at how well this system performs. Well now It's about that time when I need to refill my stock and pickup some new goodies. I have some questions about some of your new products.


1) I'm really excited about the new spot polishing pads in your video. I noticed in the video that you use it with a rotary drill, however, the spot pad buffing kit says it comes with the porter cable backing plate, but I see no mention of a drill backing plate. I do own the porter cable so I definitely would like to have that backing plate but it would also be nice to be able to use it on my variable speed rotary drill for those scratches that just don't want to come out with an orbital polisher. Is there a separate rotary drill backing plate that does not come with this kit?


2) The Porter Cable comes with a 5" pad counterweight but the large Adams pads are 7.5". I'm assuming that the 4" spot pads don't require a change of counterweight yet I've seen a Junkman videos where he mentions that he moved up to a 6" counterweight. This has me a bit confused, is this counterweight not all that crucial?


3) I noticed your 7.5" pads now have a hexagonal shape on the cutting surface whereas mine is the older flat surface. Would upgrading to the new hexagonal pattern add additional cutting power?


4) I definitely want to pick up your Green Clean Power Stick, I can't count the number of times I nick the back of my hand on the sharp edge of my rotors to get every last bit of grime off my wheels. The question I have about this is that the description page says "Includes FREE bonus items" but nowhere in the description do I see any mention of what these are.


5) My wife has been hounding me to organize all my spray bottles and I remember you used to have a spray bottle caddy available but I no longer see it on your site. Has this been discontinued?


Thanks for taking the time to answer my questions.

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As I posted in another thread...


I personally like the 5" weight... its functional for both sets of pads and keeps me from having to swap weights when I swap backing plates and pads. The 6" is too big for the 4" setup IMO, causes excessive vibration and makes it hard to control the machine in tight spots.


The only drawback is slightly more vibration when using the large pads, but not enough to really justify changing it, at least for my own peronal use.




... only I would say that the only drawback is slightly more vibration when using the large pads at to high a speed and saturated with product.


Just to clear up any confusion, everyone should understand the purpose of the counter weights. Their purpose is exactly why they are named as such. The technical definition is, "a force or influence equally counteracting another."


The force that the counterweight is counter-reacting is the combined weight of the backing plate and pad. That weight is also influenced by the speed of oscillation and the weight of the moisture on the pad. If you where to weigh the Adam's backing plate and pad, you will find out that both are similar in total weight to the 5" counterweight. Even as your pad begins to fill up with product, the combination is still compatible as long as you work the polisher at the correct speed and do not saturate the pad with product. It is when you get the combination of incorrect oscillations (as in too fast in the operation), combined with too much product on the pad (as in saturated), that you throw the "balance of nature" out of whack when it comes to the PC and the Adam's equipment in question here.


If you operate the polisher at the correct speeds using Adam's pads and backing plate, coupled with the correct amount of product, you will see no difference between the 5" or 6" counterweights. It is when you drastically alter this combination that the vibration truly becomes evident. There are however, various backing plates for the PC-7424 that will require specific counterweights as they are heavier. Here are two such backing plates that I have that call for the 6" counterweight.






At the same time, I also have one that is similar to the Adam's backing plate that calls for the 5" counterweight. The difference here is, this backing plate is made for using the PC as a sander, not a polishing tool. This combination of course is a much lighter setup that a polishing setup would be.




For those who have watch my videos, you know that I do not like to work faster than a speed of 5, with 9-14 pounds of pressure. You can work at a higher speed as Adam does, however, Adam has been doing this for quite a few years and has that technique down to an art form. It takes practice, just as it takes practice to masterfully drive a car in a sport such as drifting. Cars are not meant to be driven to that extreme but in the right hands, it is an art of feel and technique.


All of this is to say that with a proper technique, do not get caught up in the counterweight that you use unless you are working with different accessories that are available for the PC. The 4" focal pads on a speed of 5 with either the 5" or 6" counterweight should present you with no issues. However, if you crank the PC up to 6 with those pads, the PC can become another animal. You will sacrifice control and probably not achieve the desired results that you are looking for. The key again is technique. Take your time and work methodically. If you begin to tire, stop and take a break or call it the day. I often take multiple days to work on an issue. The results will come and like fine wine, you don't want to rush it.

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1) It uses the same backing plate. There are two different spindles in the kit, one for the drill, one for the PC.

3) The hex cuts help some. I wouldn't throw them out just because they don't have the hexs, but you should buy new ones anyhow.


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