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Everyone likes to be the first to know about new products and by following us on Twitter you can.


When you follow us on Twitter you'll get a Daily Special notification each morning, plus you'll get access to exclusive 'Twitter Only' discount codes, product news, and even the opportunity to order new products before everyone else!!


Adams Polishes on Twitter

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I know the wife signed up for it, tried it for a couple of days and never signed on again. Now she gets at least 5 emails a day saying "so and so is now following you on Twitter". Never anybody she ever heard of. It's a pain in the a$$.

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Any input on the look of our twitter page guys? I spent a good amount of time tweaking and refining it yesterday and I think it looks good... comments? Input?



Looks great!


I would suggest you add the direct link to the daily special to the post. It makes it a lot easier for people to find your online store. If the link is too long, you can use tinyurl.com to make a shorter link.


I'd suggest the Adam's webmaster make the url for daily special the same every day (like adamspolishes.com/dailyspecial) then you can customize it in tiny url and just keep reusing it.

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