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Adams Crew Story

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Well, I can say that Ashley started when she was 17, and came out to sell with us at the OC Swapmeet one weekend. She outsold all of us, and let us know that she would be staying for a while. . . .


Her Dad, Mike Wilson, still today a dear friend, was on the original team, filling bottles under the tent 10 years ago with us!


Mike is in the hat, right, closest to the camera:



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Long story involving a loan shark, a mob hit, the location of Jimmy Hoffa, the witness protection program, and other things I'm not at liberty to discuss for my own safety :jester:


We won't say anything!:lolsmack:

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My long road to Adams...


I originally met Adam WAAAAAAAAY back in 1997-98-ish, I was in highschool and and my best friend (Mike) had started working on weekends at the swap meet with some guy who owned AP Detailing. They were selling DER Shiney Stuff products and it was the perfect fit b/c Mike and I had been detailing cars on the side to make extra money. His dad being a fire Chief in LA County paid off big as we were allowed to setup behind the firehouse and detail all the firemen's vehicles all day. Having a source for good products was awesome.


After much convincing Mike dragged me down to the swap-meet at the crack of dawn to work this booth selling DER Stuff products. He swore I had to meet this Adam Pitale guy. I was introduced to the crew, shown the ropes, including spraying white spray paint on the hood of Adams black F150, lighting it on fire, then buffing it away to show how great this stuff was.


I spend the day doing demos, selling a ton of product, eating swap meet food, and hanging out with a great group of people. Then that night when everything was done I got a nice stack of cash for my troubles. It was awesome as a youngster to make that much cash and add it to my detailing money. I would go down there every couple of weekends and work, but eventually stuck with my detailing customers.


I lost contact with Mike... he tried to put moves on my girlfriend (the girl would later go on to marry by the way) and thats the kind of thing you don't forgive even your best friend for IMO.


Fastforward to late 2008, I'm a long time Adams Polishes customer, fully aware of the man behind the brand, but not wanting to have creepy stalker status. My detailing business had gone from a full time venture to a side deal as the needs of my family grew... and anyone can tell you 'no one gets rich detailing'. My reputation for doing high quality work is pretty widely known, especially in the custom/show truck world. I had been doing high level magazine cover shoot preparation and prepping show trucks for big shows. My friends at Street Trucks Magazine call me up and want to do a writeup on my process and the products I use. That little article gets published in early 2009 and finds its way to the forum here where I decide to chime in after lurking for a long time.


Shortly after joining the forum a clinic is announced at the Adam's warehouse and I figure I should head down and catch up with the man himself. We get to talking after the clinic wraps up and he says he could use some help on different forums from someone who knows how to use the products and the rest is history....

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