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I found out about Adam's through Dodgetruckworld.com, been watching all the videos and reading all the post that I can for about a week now. Of course every chance I get to tell and show my wife all the pictures posted on here from the awesome results you guys have. Slowly convinceing her that all the money I am about to spend is worth it. :D Specially since she has a black Infinti full of swirls!


I never knew there was such a device like the pc that was as safe for the average guy. Always been afraid of and probably should be afraid of the rotary buffers. I have been shining cars since I was about 12 and my mom started paying me to clean her 95 Z28 Camaro. Of course soon as I got my own car I have always been known for (and made fun of at times when I would wash car out in snow) the cleanest ride. Found out about clay bars maybe 6 yrs ago and thought that was amazing. So I can only imagine how amazed I am going to be when I see this stuff work in person.


Have little over $500 worth of stuff in my cart that i will probably order this weekend and hope the wife doesn't beat me when she sees it come out of the checking account.:lolsmack: But she has never understood why I enjoy cleaning cars. Sorry for the long intro but look forward to sharing future photos and questions with everyone!

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These products give you a lot of shine for a little effort! You will have fun with them, and enjoy the results.


And her black car will really look great after a little TLC with the Porter Cable. Even a noob like me got nice results - Think "Black Glass". :)

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