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NASTY ZO6 hits the dyno!

Sizzle Chest

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Sooooo, as I said in my wheel post earlier (a few minutes ago!) I re-dyno'd the ZO6 today. It was cool today, about 72 degrees. The shop that they had mount/balance/intall my wheels/tires had an all wheel drive above ground Dynojet.


I will post up images of my dyno sheet as soon as they email it to me.


3 pulls:


#1: 568.61/509.24


#2: 573.04/511.29


#3: 572.26/512.82


Let me tell you what...I am sooooo happy with these numbers!!! I thought that this is what she should have put down after my intake and throttle body install. I guess the heat really freakin' killed me then. It was almost a 20 degree differnce in temps between those days.


Anywho, YEAH!




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