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Took car out for first time since dec


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that thing looks slow :thumbsup:

Had a run in with a F430, and pulled on him :rockon:

Lookin good


I bet that made your day!! :cheers:


All that snow we had a few weeks ago is gone now!! Won't be long till I can uncover my baby too.

Looking good bud! :cheers:

thanks guys!!:D Going to try and have my springs, and wheels thrown on tomorrow hopefully if everything goes to plan.

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Do you mean that you pulled away from a 3,197 lb. Ferrari with a 485 hp V12 and a top speed of 196mph!?! :confused:


How fast is your car and if you don't mind what are the specs?


V12? ;) haha It was a 06-07 spyder, and sounded like he was manually shifting, or could have been pressing the paddles. So the convertable weight starts about 3340 with the auto adding even more weight, and my car now is around 3400. Its a small little 4.3 liter v8, hence the 430 name. It hardly makes any torque at all, and only reason it has a 190mph rev limiter is cuz it revs to 8500. I found dyno sheets online, and it only makes 400rwhp from that 490hp, and really low 265 rwtq from that 345tq. I found time slips of 12.2's to 12.8s at 112 to 115 mph in the 1/4 mile. Right now my cars making 350-360awhp, and same torque. My car stock with just a tune ran a 12.8. A stock evo x makes 240-250 awhp. My car just has full exhaust, intake, upper intercooler pipe, and tune still on the stock turbo/motor. Next mods will be bolt on bigger turbo, cams, and tune on E85 which is like running 110 24 7. Put me in the 475-480 awhp range and mid to low 11s. Cams are 600, turbos 1300, and then just injectors, fuel pump and retune :D Highest hp so far from the new evo x's is 680 awhp on stock motor, 760 on a built bottom end. Its nice to spend about 2k and add over 100 awhp. Got to love forced induction cars like your gt500 as well. With my power now I should be low to mid 12s. Waiting for track to open in few weeks. Also was 40's yesterday which cant hurt my power. After i pulled half a car in third and part of fourth having to let off for a car coming up he decided to show me that 180-190mph and didnt let off for a good mile flying past cars after he lost.








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Your car made 100awhp more with bolt ons? Have you taken it to a dyno?


Im on a ams flash, and the car hasnt seen the rollers yet. I did the tune first when it was all stock because the factory tune is crap. Thats where most of the bolt on power comes from. The tune alone adds 30-40 whp cuz the stock tunes so rich and sucks. I wanted it to be tuned the day I was at ams having them put the downpipe, and test pipe/cat delete pipe in, but they said id be fine for now still on the flash. This was back in Sept, and they didnt have time to tune me for month or two and being ams its hard to get in sometimes. They're the best evo tuner/parts around so they tend to stay busy. So was holding off til now/spring so i could save for a fmic and get dyno tuned. Here's a guys sheet with like mods.



My mods now:

Ams downpipe

Ams test pipe

Ams Upper Intercooler Piping

Ams tune

turbo inlet intake pipe

high flow panel filter

Ultimate racing catback

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Nice numbers for sure. That thing must get up and go!


Moves out that's for sure. Finally puting my new rims and springs on tomorrow. Matte black Enkei's in 18 x 9.5's that are 5 lbs lighter per wheel than stock, and some H&R springs. Should look good. I sold the stock tires over the winter, and bought some high performance all seasons to hopefully help my 60fts and launching. Stock tires are sticky auto x tires, and even with the launch control at 6,000 I was still bogging.

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