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suggestion for a PC tote bag

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I have an embroidered Adam's tote bag for my bottles of Adam's products and I put all my towels in the middle. It's great.


I saw on a competitor's site that they have a tote specifially for the orbital polisher. I'd love to see Adam's have a similar tote specifically for the PC and the Adam's pads for the PC.


I suggest a few slots for SHR and other polishes around the perimeter of the bag (like the current Adam's bag), with the PC fitting in the middle. What would make it different is if there would be some outside compartments for the pads AND some sort of fastener or "keeper" for an extension cord on the top. My PC stuff seems to be everywhere and I'd like to have an organizer just for it.


Thanks for considering my request. I think a lot of us would use this - especially if it had "Adam's" embroidered on it!

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Sounds like a great idea. I was thinking about getting a third bag to keep the PC and access. organized.


I grabbed an old gym bag and have been using that. It works, but everything gets all mixed up inside the bag. I ended up putting the pads in large zip locks to keep them from getting dirty. I inflate the bag and then seal it. It keeps the pads from getting crushed or dented by the PC. I just stack them in one end of the bag.

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...and there in lies the problem my friends. Finding high quality bags, made in the USA, from a supplier who can keep up with our demand is not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination.


And isn't that a shame? But I'm with Adam. If it's not made in America, fugeddaboutit.:patriot:

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I am sure Adam will get more of the Adam's bags.They would work great for this.:pc:You could have one for products and towels and one for PC and pads.:cheers:


I thought about getting another of the embroidered bags that Adam's sells, but it would be nice if it had the extra compartments for the pads and also a way to store an extension cord on it. It just seems that a PC specific bag would be very useful. I'd rather buy one from Adam's than from G... oops almost slipped!

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I have a tool box like that. It is handy, however I cut all the little pockets off to allow for storage of the larger tools. I picked it up at Home Depot..lol


Much like this one.





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