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My Weekend Project



well this will be my first real test with my PC and Adam's prodcucts. my advertising paid off and one of my friends is letting me do her car. it might have the worst looking paint i will be able to put my hands on. the front bumper looks like she hit something so the paint is spidered so i am goin to stay away from that for the most part, some parts look like flat black because there are so many swirls, and yeah it is just a mess. she has always taken it through the car washes that have all the brushes and junk in them. here is what i am looking at doing to her car.


wash with dawn (get to use the pressure washer with foamer i posted about)


wash with Adam's

APC the engine bay and detail with IUS and VRT

APC the wheel wheels and tires

GWC on the rims


then i get to go to workat Walmart from 2pm til 11pm


wake up in the morning and go back at it


dry orange pad with SHR because it is that bad unless you think i should prep the pad first?

maybe a second pass if needed

white pad with FMP

white pad with revive

1 coat of MSW


go into work 11p-730a


get up that afternoon


wipe it down with DS

put a coat of americana

detail the inside with C&UC, L&IC, LC on the dash and VRT on the rest

depending on how it looks a coat of BSG


on the headlights ill be trying to polish them up with SHR and FMP. i havent done it before so im hoping for good results.


here are the pics of the destruction. i am thinking it is goin to take me around 10ish hours to complete.






























anybody have anything they would like to add? i will be posting pics after i am all done also!

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OK...the reason i thought i wouldnt prep was because of the amount of damage that is there.


I'm with Chris. The orange pad will work better with a little priming. Just two or three sprays of DS is good -- no need to soak it or anything.


I'm really looking forward to seeing how the car turns out for you... I bet it's going to be a real night and day difference. :cheers:

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i told her between $200-$250 depending on how long it takes me in the end. im sure it will be closer to the $250 range since there is a lot paint correction that needs to be done....send the positive thoughts this way lol.


and i will prime my pad :thumbsup:

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well with it being one of my good friends im not going to charge her a ton for for letting me do her car...will it be a lot of work yes...but gettin that word of mouth to get more cars will pay off in the end.
When I started my business up I would always give my friends breaks on prices.
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day 2 is complete...got all of the polishing steps which included the headlights and they are a ton better now then before done done and got a coat of MSW on it along with VRT on the tires. tomorrow is goin to finish up with a coat of Americana and BSG and the interior detailed. enjoy.








my sons new bike lol


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