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I went to the show today and really started looking at all the car differently. Almost every classic car that was there was very badly swirled. I have never noticed this in the past. Thanks to everyone on this forum to opening my eyes to look at these cars differently :2thumbs:


There even was one "detailing shop" that had a Ferrari on display. Yes it did look good, but I still saw faint swirls in it. They had a halogen light shining on it, but the angle was set to hide any swirls.


The people that dust the new cars off, were letting the dusters lay on the paint while dusting instead of doing it the Junkman's way.

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I was at the Mercedes Benz Museum in Stuttguart last fall. Same thing -- all the cars, even the prize 1950s gullwing on display -- had swirls. It was a little sad, actually.



Of course, I wouldn't pass on the car if you offered it to me -- imperfections and all. :jester:



(not the same car, but typical finish on many of the cars on display)

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Join the club!:jester: You will never look at a car the same.:willy:

You are correct. I even started looking at the new cars in a different way.


I would have been like, "STOP - Demo time!" hammertime.gif


I think you would have been crying and wondering why these guys let their finishes get so bad.


If I go next year, I'm taking a camera.

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