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Pc 7336 sp



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I just purchased the PC 7346SP (was told it replaced the 7336, just like 7424XP replaced 7424) and have used it with absolutely no problems. I was hesitant to purchase it after doing much research to determine the differences but hopefully I can save you some time. Here is the official response I got from Porter Cable:


Subject: Porter Cable Sanders/Polishers


Discussion Thread

Response (Stephanie Riddick) 03/03/2010 04:39 PM

Dear Jason, we believe the following information addresses your inquiry.

This is the same unit, however the 7424XP comes with a polishing pad only. The 7346SP includes both a sanding pad and polishing pad. The 7346sp also includes a heavier duty counterweight which will accommodate the sanding pad.

Thank you for allowing us the opportunity to serve you. If your question remains unresolved or if you require additional information please update this incident.


Stephanie Riddick

Auto-Response 03/01/2010 08:05 PM

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Customer (Jason Shade) 03/01/2010 08:05 PM

What is the difference between the PC 7424XP and the PC 7346SP?



And I was still worried about the counterweight until this from Junkman himself (in a different forum):


Originally Posted by Shadey

Last question from an OCD machine polishing/waxing noob, is it safe to use my PC 7346SP with a 6" counterweight along with the Adam's backing plate and 7.5" pads? I do not need the 5" counterweight and I can't damage my paint with this set-up, correct (your "How safe is the PC video" is ultimately what caused me to decide I can machine polish/wax my own vehicles)?

You will have absolutely, positively no problems with that setup. If you do, I'll buy that PC off your hands for exactly what you paid for it. There's putting my money where my mouth is and doing it in print large enough to see, period. :mail:


Hope this helps...

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