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Scoobah's first detail job!

Scoobah St3ve


So I had my first ever car show to go to on Saturday and decided to order the polishing kit. After about 3 hours of work, I managed to do the top of the trunk, the roof, and the hood. These were the areas with the most notable damage! I have to do the sides still, but these are how the pics came out! I also wiped down the whole car with detail spray and man it came out good :)


Here is my hood before and after...








I also used the APC to help clean the engine bay. It was pretty dusty but nothing too bad.


Engine bay



A few shots







Here is my hood after following the junkmans videos



Overall this was my favorite shot of the day



What do you all think?

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Wow that looks great! Real nice shine on the hood! Love the car too man, keep it up!


Thank you sir!!!


I really need to order the microfiber kit. I also want to buy some shelves for my garage to store everything.


Its a shame at the car show to see so many cars with swirls... I want to help them. there were over 100 cars there. Some had flawless paint and others, well not too good lol.

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SWEET ZOMBIE JESUS!! Look at the shine on that thing!! You sir just earned a spot on my wall of fame that car looks fabulous!!






Im honored! Really, it was hard work, and took a long time, but man it was nice to see it shine like that.


Im hoping to do some friends cars for some extra money (like 50-75 bucs for detailing) , and having a pic like this will show them.


My car had a ton of swirls already, so i took it to a local car wash (i know I know but I got lazy and since my car was already swirled I took it there).


Then just clayed, SHR, Machine polish, and SMW. Then the morning of the show, I just detail sprayed the whole car.


GTO a lot of people do not know. I get looks all the time in my car. Its awesome. Its a 2010 Hyundai Genesis Coupe.


I can't wait to get some buttery or American wax later on!


Do any of you know if APC will remove pain from my wheels if I painted them with engine enamel?

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Hyundai Genesis - kudos to hyundai on that car! If you get the v6 its keeps up with the camaro v6.


There is a video of a v6 smoking the camaro v6 on the strip. The camaro owner had a horrible and I mean horrible start though.


I have a 2.0 4cyl turbo. With some bolt ons and a tune, the turbo can beat the v6 genesis.

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When you put a coat of Americana on over that MSW it will be dazzling. That is just stunning - great job. It provides another good example for the rest of us black car owners!


Thanks. Yea I am gonna get some americana most likely in the future. Right now im saving for the car wash kit so I can do it at home.


My pictures really seemed to interest some of my friends. im hoping I can do some to pay off the polishing kit. Then here comes the wash kit!

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