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Honolulu Auto Show! I'll be there Friday-Sunday


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Aloha! I'm out the door first thing tomorrow to Honolulu for the 3rd year at the Honolulu International Auto Show at the Convention Center.


Last year was a blast, and I got the opportunity to shake hands with some truly wonderful people.


We will be in the same place this year, only this time, you won't see us working on a Bentley Turbo.


This year, I'll be shining up a Lamborghini Gallardo!!




Hope to see our friends this weekend in Honolulu, and you can't miss us in the lobby of the Convention Center.



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You better be taking that beautiful wife and daughter with you. Otherwise, you're going to be paying for it for the rest of your life! :lolsmack:


Have a great time. Bring me back some macadamias! :D

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Great to meet you Gaine! Thanks also for posting this photo, super kind! Wearing pants? I didn't even see the beach, or pool for that matter! Stayed across the street from the Convention center, and walked to the Show every day.


Good times, great food, and once again, I had the opportunity to meet some fantastic people.


Mahalo to all who came out to say hello, and this show was our most successful event on the islands yet!


Again, thank you.



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