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HELLO! From Tulsa!


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:hi: Hey everyone, my name is Ryan, and i just bought a new Camaro SS as my first new car.


here is my soapbox about my life and detailing my car:


i am a n00b when it comes to detailing, b/c i have never really needed to detail any of my cars before. they were all old with peeling paint until now.


i have only used Meguiar's products by hand... i am interested in trying a machine buffer, but still hesitant to do it with my vinyl stripes. :pc:


Your Hex Grip pads and endless great customer reviews from other people got me interested in Adam's.


I have not bought any of your products yet, but once my current polish and wax bottles are empty i want to get your stuff! :2thumbs:


i'm interested to see if you guys would think if those hex grip pads can be used with any other product brand. like i said i have meguiars stuff now, but i got some minor swirls that wouldn't come out with a store bought applicator pad and SwirlX. once the bottles i have are out i will be getting your stuff to use on them!


i have never used clay bar before, but the next time i detail the car in a month, i want to use it, and hopefully that allows my swirl removing step more effective. what do you think, will it?


i spent an hour late last night watching your volume 6 videos on youtube, and i am EXTREMELY impressed! it made me want to buy every single product you offer from the wheel brushes to the PC and americana wax, with every accessory and product in between :bow:


i live in an apt complex, with my own garage so getting a hose and extension cord to reach all the way over to my car is near impossible, so i am going to stick to the hand applied stuff for now!


you guys sell an awesome product! :patriot:

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:welcomebanner: Ryan!


Good to see another Camaro on the forum! Your going to end up with a ton of Adam's products, it seems to be where I spend my extra money lately. I too spend hours filling my cart with hundreds worth of Adam's goodies.

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Try some of the Adam's hand application products to test the waters. Do a clay on your car after the initial baggie test, then clay it, then see and feel the finish. If you've never used clay before, get ready for a jaw dropping experience! And that's BEFORE you use any other Adam's products! (it's the foundation for a stunning shine)


By the way, there is a 15% off sale on until the end of the month:




Time to order -


Don't forget Adam's superior foam applicators and amazing blue super plush microfiber towels - the are the best (ditch the box store/auto store microfiber). And you will use these great towels all the time. :)

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Welcome to the forum Ryan.


I'm the Adam's dealer in Springdale, AR and in Tulsa from time to time, so let me know if you need any advice on detailing your new ride.



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