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Hello From Connecticut


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Hello Everyone,


Just wanted to say Hi. I have just purchased a new 2010 WRB Subaru imprezza WRX STI. I am looking to take care of it as best as I can and have come across these products.

I had the dealer put on a Simonize treatment to the car. We have had good experience with this in the past. Will the Simonize product change the need to use any of the Adams products.


Thanks for your help,



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:welcomebanner: Jamie! Not sure what that Simoniz treatment is, but I always avoid any dealer treatments. I'm also not aware of any magic pill to protect the paint forever. There may be some others on here that can provide more feedback. Nice choice in car! :2thumbs: Post up some pics when you get a chance.
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The Simonize treatment is a ripoff that dealerships use to squeeze money out of unknowing customers. Had you sat and watched what they had done, you would have quickly realized that this is something you could have done in your driveway at home. As Teresa pointed out, the markup on what they did is phenomenal. With the products that Adam's sells, you could have done the same thing to your car.


The "protection" that they apply is only going to last up to a few months depending on how often you wash the car, the soap you use to wash the car and the elements that your car experiences. As Joey said, there is nothing that last forever so the best thing for you to do is to get familiar with products necessary that will actually protect your car's finish. Depending on the product, the interval that you will apply them will vary. We are here to help you with that small learning curve so ask away.


Welcome to Adam's Forums! :thumbsup:

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Hi Junkman,


Does the simonize treatment replace the clear coat? If so is it ok to treat it in the same way i.e with the Porter cable and polishes? I am thinking more for my wifes car that is 5 years old, had the Simonize tratment when new and has a few scratches. Is the Simonize harder than a clear coat?

Sorry for all the questions.



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