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Props to MSW



OK all, I am just amazed by how long MSW has lasted on my car. I applied the last of two applications on November 6th 2009 and literally have NOT hand washed it or applied any other products since. I have ONLY gone through a touchless to knock off the salt and grime and of course DID NOT use hot wax or anything stupid like that. Here's a picture of the water beading from a recent rain storm. Keep in mind that this is my DD and has seen -ºF weather and many snow and rain storms as well as salt and dirt.


If you are looking for a L-O-N-G lasting product... By some Machine Super Wax.


It's truly remarkable.



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Yep, it is amazing!


I last waxed my TB SS in probably August, maybe earlier, but used 2 coats of MSW and one of APW and it still beads like crazy. I hand wash and DS dry, other than that nothing. It is usually dirty 3+weeks at a time. Sad I know, but it rained every third or fourth day so no point in washing.


It is definitely due for some work though. Lots of swirls, some scratches, and very gritty.

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I too was amazed at how long it lasted. I basically did the same as you, applied late fall and just touchless washed it over the winter on nice days. Last week I decided it was time to do everything right but I didn't apply MSW yet because it still seems to be holding up well, so I put some buttery over it and will probably hold off another month or two before I MSW it again.


If you guys aren't trying MSW on your rims yet, you must. It makes cleaning them so simple.

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