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2011 Mustang reviews/videos


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Well, I don't know about everyone else... but I enjoy watching all the new 2011 reviews/videos. And with a new video coming all the time I figured I would try and put all them all in one place :thumbsup:


GT: :burnout:

The Smoking Tire GT part 1

The Smoking Tire GT part 2 other parts coming soon?

Motor Trend GT overview and specs

Edmunds GT dyno test

Edmunds GT specs

Car and Driver GT specs

Motor Trend Comparison test of GT, SS, SRT-8 :D:thumbup::word:


Base V-6:

Motor trend

Car and Driver

The Smoking Tire


I'm sure there will be more to come

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I'm impressed. A V6 that gets 31MPG AND runs the 1/4 mile in the hi 13's to 14 at over 100 MPH.

My old race car barely did that and I was running right on the national record for my class at the time.

That was with slicks, 312 cu. in. (About 5.1-5.2 liters) and 6 (SIX) 2 brl carbs.

To put that into prospective, TF Dragsters (AA/FD) were running 7's or 8's at about 185-190 if I remember correctly.


Aint technology wonderful. :rockon::bow::bow::rockon:

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