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Noob from Rochester


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Hi all,

New to the site and products. I started with a group buy with Dylan's help for the Hand Polish Combo with Flip Pad - and was just blown away by the quality and results. For my b-day, I received the Clay Bar & Detail Spray Combo. Now I'm sold on these products without question. I only wish I had known about these products years ago - it would have saved all the trial and error using inferior products from local retailers. So, yep, I'm a convert and glad to be here.



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No doubt! March was actually 100% snow free this year - that has never happened in history. April started out just amazing so I took advantage of the few good days so far to get a jump on cleaning the cars from winter. Always detailing to be done - somehow they're just never as clean as I want them to be.

Thanks for the shout outs!

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