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Junkman's "Pooling Rinse" Drying Technique



Hey all! I have been asked about rinsing a car so many times that I decided to make a video showing my technique. I do this right after my final rinse, and then I blow dry the car. If anything is left, a simple microfiber drying towel touch up will take care of it. It makes drying the car much more manageable as you won't end up with a soaking wet drying towel.


Here's the video!



[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAmb9DWdnFc&feature=plcp&context=C307219dUDOEgsToPDskK3QIoF60MA5RTpQK8tOpot]The Pooling Rinse Process - YouTube[/ame]



The Junkman



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Great video AJ, got one question though.... Would you still use DS with the remaining water that is on the car or just use the towel?


If you find it necessary to do so, it doesn't hurt. I have practically no water left on the car after the blow dry.

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I seem to be watching these videos one day too late - I washed the car today and there was a ton of water left on it, but I must admit to giving the "blow dry" technique a try - my neighbors thought I'd lost my mind but I AM SOLD. It took a while but it knocked almost all the water off the car and then I came in with a drying towel and knocked out the rest really easy. Next time its pooling for me and less blow drying. I even used the technique shown in your Waterless Wash video while getting the remaining water off - single swipes in a single direction with a folded soft edge - starting to learn that the less you touch the paint with anything, the better off you are in the long run.


I always wondered where Adam kept all his overstock - looks like its in YOUR garage from this video. :) Man you got a lotta product dude!


Starting to get old but I'll say it again - thanks AJ!

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Busy!! work is crazy, they cut people from my staff so that means i get to work more :willy: But at least i still have a job.


Im back and full of energy for the corvette and detailing season. Plus have you seen my car, been working on it all winter. Im just bitting at the bullet to get some wax on it, i just got it back from paint a couple weeks ago and i have to wait tillthe paint cures.... Im dying here


Here are a couple pics


New seats



New tigershark and hood



All lights switched out to LEDs


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Yea, I saw that over at DC. Ain't you the mod happy one!


MEEE?? Look at you, i take a little break and dont come around for a few months and they give you your own section.... I feel like im talking to a celebrity :rockon::D


Can i be a Mod in the Junkman Corner section ;)

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