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Hi from Michigan


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Hi there. I'm Tim Skutt from East Lansing, MI

I recently bought the PC7424 car polishing kit. Mostly because I was sick of what happened to my 2000 Toyota Camry last year.


I took the time to clean it up real good as I knew I was going to keep this car for awhile. I also put a couple coats of rejex on it.


There was construction in the parking ramp, whatever they used on the ramp settled and made my car feel like 2000 grit sandpaper. I tried a few things and wasn't too successful in removing this junk from my car.


I did get it off the windshield with Gunk Tar and Bug remover and a clay bar. So I left the junk on the car through the winter. This spring, I really scrubbed the heck out of my car with the clay bar and got most of the rest.


Only yesterday did I finally go over most all of the car with the swirl and haze remover and the orange pad. I also think there was more silica on the car, because everywhere I used the PC7424 I would get a gray film on the pad. I still have some other slightly deeper scratches, and a couple of water spots still on the car, but it is better than the day I picked up my car at the dealer back in 2000.


I'm sure I can learn more browsing the forums.

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Thanks, there is only so much you can do with "Search" and not registering for the site. It is nicer when you can ask questions.


Everyone I know around here is always willing to help... except me 1087.gif:lolsmack:

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Hi Tim! Welcome to the forum! I'm liking that Camaro in your pic. :thumbsup:


Thanks. I was glad I had the PC 7424 today. I found something strange on my trunk lid.


It looked like something on a towel dropped there, and ate into the paint. You could only see it under certain light. So I brought out the detail spray.... no change


Clay bar. Managed to scratch my paint a little more (had some dirt in it).


Then I got the swirl and haze remover and you have to get up to this with a microscope now to see it.


I did notice though, using the PC on the Camaro did not turn my orange pad gray like it did on the camry. My guess is that I was picking up all the contaminents from the construction in the parking ramp still even after clay baring the car.

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Hard to know without seeing myself but it was a thought.


A couple of other ideas, could the Orange pad be picking up some of my touch up paint, or maybe if it comes in contact with some of the seals around the doors?


Either way, I'm able to wash that stuff out with the all purpose cleaner and the hose.


I think it was still the overspray from the concrete sealant used in the parking ramp. Aside from my wheels, a couple of dings and paint chips, the camry looks better than the day I bought it.

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