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friend scratched up his ninja bike in front of me



lol this was funny last night. My friend was showing me his brand new Ninja Bike (1000 i think), you know checking it out hearing him rev it up things like that. Then i look at his paint and its got a couple scratches and some swirl marks. I tell him about it and he say's oh let me take care of that. He goes and grabs some turtle wax off his shelf and say's "this will take care of them". I tell him "ur gonna scratch it up, don't do it". So, without wiping it down he apply's his "TURTLE WAX" grabs a terry cloth towel, that has obviously been used, and starts wiping it off. After that you would me telling him "told you so". lolol. Yes swirl and scratch city:lol:. told him to come to my house if he wants to fix it:pc:

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