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New Glass Sealant Kit, My Review

Dr Jkel

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Hello All,


I finally got around to doing my shower doors with the new glass sealant kit. So here it goes.


Shower doors are only a couple of months old so I figured this would be pretty simple, WRONG.


I did just like the video with clay first, how hard is glass to clay, especially since it's pretty new, well an hour later my wonderful honey informs me that she had put Rain X on the doors, Oh Thanks for telling me now, and the water spots were terrible. After talking with Ashley and trying the APC, I scrubbed all the Rain X off and finally got the door and side glass clean.


Used the window cleaner to give them a quick cleaning and applied the sealant on the door and panel. Waited about 5 minutes and cleaned it with glass cleaner. The doors look great, but the real test came when it was shower time. The water would hardly stay on the glass, very little water left on them at all.


Of course my wonderful honey thinks this is the greatest stuff ever, and so do I. Now she is starting to see the benefit of using Adams stuff.


One cautionary point is make sure that you have a fan for ventilation or you wont be able to breathe.


Thanks Ashley for the help in getting them clean, and Thanks Adam for a product that keeps them clean. This is an awesome product. John:cheers:

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