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Whats your desktop look like?

Team Adam's

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My work Mac...


It's my wife looking over the fortress wall at one of the forts in PR.


Sorry for all the icons... I'm building content... :o


Oh and my Parallels side as well... W7

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I am all about saving resources! Well that and I usually have Outlook, Firefox, Dreamweaver, Bridge, Photoshop, InDesign and My Computer open all day at work. lol


The home desktop is the same, but with Win 7 and my Macbook Pro has my top pictures from last years trip to Laguna Seca rotating (love that feature, the background is a screen saver).

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I don't like a lot of clutter on the desktop either. I take it one step further and kick all of my shortcuts over to a taskbar I created on the left side. This leaves background picture unmolested and if I make the taskbar "always on top" and I never need to minimize or click on the "Start" menu to open one of my commonly used programs.


Here's mine from work:



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