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APC, GWC or What?



Question to the experienced detailers here!! What would be the safest way to clean the firewall and inner fender under under the hood? With that said, I have read where people have used APC under with no problems. The motor compartment is on a mid 60's Ford that uses a matte-semi gloss engine compartment paint. The APC discolored the paint, could it have been left on too long, a possibility, should the APC be mixed to 50/50 mix or would something like GWC be more practical or even undercarriage spray as a possibilty? With the engine compartment not having that clearcoat on the paint like newer cars have is there any solution to keeping it clean? Thanks for any advice!!!

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On a car like that DEFINITELY dilute and do a test areas. A 1:1 ratio still has excellent cleaning ability but won't be so likely to discolor or harm anything. Do not let it dwell anywhere for too long at any strength if there is any chance of it contacting sensitive surfaces.


If you want to really be careful take an empty spray bottle with an ounce or 2 of our car soap in it and mix with water. The soap is perfectly pH balanced so its the most delicate cleaning solution you can use... its also a pretty effective cleaning agent... I use this method on delicate wheels.

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