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Can I use this to apply Fine machine polish?



:confused:I have an older Craftsman orbital that I have bought some terry cloth and I guess they are faux wool bonnets for. I know I should get a PC and intend to but so far I've had pretty good results with the Craftsman. Just wondering if there is anyone here who doesnt use a PC and if the type bonnets I have would be sufficent or simply a waste of time and product.



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Our products are formulated to work optimally with a foam pad so I'd caution you against using the orbital with bonnets.


Theres a few problems with those types of machines, primarily its the lack of a speed control and the power to get much above 3500opm... to properly work a polish by machine you need to go up to around 5000opm otherwise you're really just spreading it around without much effect.


Also theres the fact that a bonnet will stretch, contort, and bunch during operation. The bonnet systems really aren't any good at polishing for this simple fact.... then of course using synthetic wool or terry cloth as a polishing agent is asking for problems. If you were to use that machine I'd recommend nothing other than a microfiber bonnet, but even then its not the best idea.


Like Chris stated, a terry or wool bonnet is probably imparting more new swirls rather than removing any.

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what is this? pee wee's playhouse :jester:


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