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Got ahold of this beast today. The lady told me it was pretty bad but I figured it couldnt be that bad as it was a BMW but man was I wrong. I wish I would of had my good camera I would have took a ton of pictures but with my blackberry I only got 4.


Anyways she wanted me to shampoo the carpet. Ok no big deal. I get out there and I was like wow.


One of her grandkids spilled choc milk in the back seat and it went under it. I took the back seat out and there was heavy mildew under it.

Here is a pic of the back seat. You can see in this picture how bad the carpet was. Every floorboard was that bad or worse. The floormats where pure black.





Finished pictures. I was banging my head for not bringing my camera.






Those pictures are huge. When my laptop gets here Ill replace them with smaller ones.

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