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Adam is at the Portland Roadster Show!

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Hey Gang,


My sons and I went to the 54th Annual Portland Roadster Show tonight. What a magnificent assortment of rolling artwork! The quality of the cars- just unbelievable.


In addition to the vehicles there were many great vendors in the show. Of course, our favorite, "Adam's Polishes" was there in force! And The Man Himself was front-and-center, leading the show in his booth. I think he had a larger crowd than Chip Foose! (He was nearby).


If you have never seen Adam work the floor, you owe it to yourself to take a trip to a show and see it. He greets everyone with a HUGE smile, and makes complete strangers feel as if they've been a part of his family for years. He is the real deal. His heart is in it 120%- and it shows.


We were very lucky tonight to have some good, quality time with The Man Himself. In fact, we got a sneak peek at a product he was field testing. I can't say anything... but YOU WILL LOVE IT!! It was absolutely amazing. The rest is for Adam to tell- when it comes out. :drool:


I'll post some photos tomorrow...

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Notice the "spray" cans- can it be??? :banana: The other flagship product of Adam's Polishes?


And did the Revive change color?

I noticed those two items also. verrry interesting...


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