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Cleaning wheels or other...



Well, I didn't have anything to really clean my wheels with the other day and a towel just wasn't doing it. So I looked threw my house and found a new box of Mr. Clean magic erasers. I didn't really think they would do much... but WOW. With a little all purpose cleaner and a little elbow grease they wheels came out great! :banana:


So if your worried about scratching your wheels with a scrub brush or anything, this is a great alternative in my view. :thumbsup:

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I have found that when I use the magic eraser on walls in the house it actually removes paint from the flat paint surfaces.. Be careful, because it likely has abrasives in it...


Agreed... I stopped using it in the house with the exception of the kitchen and bath b/c it made the flat paint anywhere I had used it gloss and took it down to a primer coat if I used it too much.


Handy little things for cleaning kick panels and other hard plastics in the interior though.

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