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Adam In Portland!



Today I drove down to Portland to meet Adam and watch him demo. All I could say is WOW! How many CEO' care enough about their customers enough to host a clinic like Adam did? I learned a lot of tips from the man himself. i was probably the youngest guy there at 17 years old. I've had experiences where professionals have taken advantage of me when purchasing a good or service. I felt confident that Adam wouldn't give me any BS just for my money. I knew if I asked Adam to take a look at my car he wouldn't tell me any BS. Without a doubt, Adam said "bring it in, we can work something out to fix your problem." I felt like if this guy cares this much about his customers he definitely deserves my business. Overall, it was a great time! I meet people who love Mustangs and people who love cars, I can't wait to do it again! Not to mention, the clinic went great! lots of people and lots of cars! I know you guys like pictures so here they are!:rockon:


Adam working on the BENZ



Surprise Surprise! A Carrera GT






Adam doing magic on my car






Yup, the beautiful 2010 GT500!




Wow! 540 HP!



Oh yeah, the beautiful Saleen




M3, this car sounds amazing!



Now look at this....



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hey i know you had some questions with your car didnt you just get it painted not long ago and you were having questions with hwat you were doing? did he answer those questions for you?


Yeah Adam talked to me one on one about my options on how to fix my paint. All my questions were answered


Great stuff David! I posted some videos and more photos (including you) - search forums for "Portland" .


It was great to have you with us today. Your 5.0 Mustang is sweet!


Ill have to check the vids and pics out! It was great to be there. I hope you guys can host another one next year!



Darn I would have flown out to Portland if I had known they had in and out spray. Nice pics


I was going to buy one but i decided not too. Now i wish i would have! I know they have one more can of in and out spray. Hopefully when i return to the dealer to pick up my products they will have the last can.

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