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detail pictures



I can not upload any pictures of my detail? Only pictures I got to go was the avitar? would love to show off my hard work but can not. Rick:help:


Here you go Rick,

I hosted these to my personal PB account so they'd be resized, the car looks great, the WS7 is so sexy in red!!















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The pictures can't be any larger than 1024 pixels wide by 768 high.


Most cameras will take them above 2000 pixels so you'll need to reduce the image size before posting them here or use Photobucket which can resize them for you as well.


1024 is about perfect for here.


800x400 makes for a quick upload.



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I have never heard of ws7. Do WI popo give you any flack for the red plate cover.


Edit I just googled it. They said the WS7 on fourth gens is an owner added thing. There was not a WS7 package from GM. At any rate the car looks good.


WS9 is the Formula conversion Pkg

W66 is the Formula Merchandise Pkg

Y82 is the Trans Am Merchandise Pkg

All the V8 cars carry the WS9 Code, To be a Formula or Trans Am it must have the coresponding code aswell.

WS9 + W66 = Formula

WS9 + Y82 = Trans Am

WS9 + W66 + WS6 = Formula WS6

WS9 + Y82 + WS6 = Trans Am WS6

WS7 = WS6 handling and performance package w/out rear disks. This was used last on the late second gen TA beyond that I believe its an appearance package upgrade.

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The car is a 1998 ws.6 The rear badge was stolen twice at 100.00 apiece so I found the ws.7 badges and went with that theme to make it different. May change it back now that the ws.6 badges are not such a hot thing to steal anymore. Thank you for all the replies. Rick

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