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HEY ADAM! More new product ideas....


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This is to go along with my microfiber cleaner idea that never came to truition.


Here are a few things i think it would be cool for Adam's to offer. I knopw the are quite a few pseudo professionals here that do a car for cash here and there but do not do it as a full time job. The following products are something I think would really wow my customers, but i dont need to buy 1000 of.


1. Paper floor mats (cleaned by Adam's products or something like that on em)


2. Goodie bags to put loose change and receipts in


3. Small boxes to put clothes and stuff in?


4. small fold-over business cards with the adams logo so I can leave a thank you card for my customers business (like an Adam's logo on the outside with a plank inside)


5. Still wanna see some MF restore


I am not a TRUE pro but would like to look like one and things like this bought from a company like this one would be cool. yeah, I could use a zip lock...but I would rather spend a couple more bucks to look like a pro and support this fine company! Anyone have any other ideas on new products?



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I like the floor mats idea..Using recycled paper... I would say A floor mat that says "Professionally Detailed by (your name/company) using premium products from Adam's Polishes" and your phone number or web page

You don't just want to promote the premium products you use, but also your service.

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While those are excellent idea guys I'll chime in here as I believe Adam won't be able to as he preps for his trip to Carlisle and Grabiak.


Those are items that would be cool to offer, but the bulk of our business is still the weekend warrior, the pleasure detailer, the do-it-yourselfer. Those things would be something that would be considered supplies for a detailing business... and thats not really the niche we try to fill.


Plus... you guys could easily contact a printing company to have items like this made with your company logo, etc on them for a small fee compared to what we would have to mark them up to make them profitable/worthwhile for us.


If you guys are sincerely interested in getting yourself setup with some of these things I'd be more than happy to refer you to my guy Ray @ RPM Graphics. His printing services are top notch and his prices are reasonable if you need something done... let him know I sent you.

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