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Aluminum gas tanks



How do I polish an aluminum gas tank? Its a 100gal tank for a Kenworth. I've tried Adams metal polish but it doesnt seem to do the job. The NY winter really did a number on the tank and it looks like s**t now. I also bought a Makita polisher and used a Blackfire pad with some metal polish (tried Adams, Blackfire, and Mothers). The blackfire removed the salt/dirt but left a lot of swirl marks and holograms. What is the correct way to clean this?

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Fine steel wool and Adams metal polish to start and then a wool pad on a rotary and Adams polish...


That's what I'd try. I've seen some vids on youtube doing it this way and it seems to work pretty good IMO.



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Prolly the best way is a high speed buffer and some rouge, and the same for the wheels.





I agree you will need a rotary and rouge. Get ready to get dirty. You will be covered in black film when you are done.


When I do it I usualy acid the tanks first. This will give you something clean to start with.


Good luck :2thumbs:

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