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Working On my Boat



Well this is the boat I'm working on this spring. We had a 80 lb dog jump on the deck of it last summer. I have sand and nail scratches running through all six colors of the gel coat. I will need to do some wet sanding to clean up the scratches. Any advice you can give me would be a big help.

I have always cleaned and waxed by hand on this. But think it time to move to a machine for this. What would be the best for gel, rotary or da.<?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com<img src=" /><o:p></o:p>


Any thoughts on what I should use for wiping down the boat when I pull it out of the water?

Thanks John<o:p></o:p>

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Welcome John.

I live in Franksville, but am out in Harrisburg, PA until May 11th. I have pretty much everything Adams sells. I have never worked on Gel Coat, and I have been told it is harder to correct than a clear coat, but I would be willing to share some Adam's supplies with you in order to get a feeling for them. You could at least try some things out before you bought everything.

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I did some looking around at post but not much there for gel coats. I know it take a lot more work to work out something on the boat then it every did on the cars.

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In the past I used 3m products. This is what the gentlemen the made the boat used. That was 13 years ago. Just looking to see what's new and if there something better then the way I have been doing thing. This is also the first time with real scratches on the boat.


<o:p>I'm sure my blood pressure went through the roof when we tested to see if the wet sanding was going to work for the scratches. <o:p></o:p>


Ray, Are you using a da?</o:p>

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Gelcoat is hard, really hard. Professional detailers hit gelcoats at like 2000 rpm with rotaries on wool pads. The PC works good for shine but don't expect too much in serious correction if the scratches are bad. The 4" pads do help tremendously though.

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