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I've been working on my dad's '69 Vette


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So far I have about 10 hard hours into this bad boy, and I'm only about 75% done. So I figured I'd post up a few pictures of the work done so far. What do you guys think so far?


Rear wheel before Adam's Metal Polish and VRT



Front wheel after Adam's Metal Polish and VRT



Rear decklid before


This is the line from the conv top weatherstriping resting on the rear decklid.



Rear decklid after Adam's swirl & haze remover, Fine Machine Polish, Machine Superwax, and Americana paste wax.


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So, dad asked me if I could fix a few runs in the paint on the rear fender. I was very nervous sanding on this car, just knowing that I would never forgive myself if I damaged it. I used 2000gt wet sand paper folded around a 4" piece of a paint stick. Then FHR with the yellow pad first and orange pad second, topped that off with FMP with the white pad, and finally a coat of MSW and <?xml:namespace prefix = st1 ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com><st1:City w:st=Americana</st1:City>. After about an hour of polishing, I think all is good now. We will see once I can get the car into some bright sunlight. Thank god Adam's came though for me again.


I sanded about 2/3 of the fender. This picture is after I polished out the front half of the fender. I wish I had pictures of the runs in the paint, but I don't.




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