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What Did the Body Shop Do?



The day I went to pick up my car, the first thing we did was take it for a test drive. Upon returning and getting out of the car, I noticed 2 pretty tough scratches on the roof near the driver side window and front window. The salesman shot the car over to the body shop while we did all the paper work. The car came back in less than an hour and that 6" x 6" section looked amazing but there was a fine white powder all over other parts of the car which they cleaned up after the fact - looked like something had flung it out from the center point where they did all the work.


After finally getting the car into a really bright sunny spot I'm seeing these marks now around that 6" x 6" section. I don't want to call them swirls because they aren't what you see in so many of the Junkman's pics and videos. They instead look like a tiny creature put on ice skates and did spins along a curved line - the swirl is literally a continuous line for about 4 rotations and some of them are parallel to each other. What could have been used to make that kind of marking? I just want to know so I don't do it. :) And I'd really like to know what the body shop used that caused the white powder all over the car - are these the aggressive compounds that Adam intentionally doesn't sell because we'd ruin our finishes?



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