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Added a few mods to my Vette


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I have been wanting to put an ACI front splitter on my '01 Vette for some time now. Well I finally ordered one and installed. Most people that put these on, have them painted to match the body, but I wanted something a little different. I decided to do it myself and go with a matte black finish. I think it came out looking good, but than again that is only me talking.


I also decided to add a little bling to the engine bay. So here are some photo's of both the splittler and the engine bay.










Here are a few overall shots.





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Looks good Jack...but I think you really ought to shine that Vette up a bit......:lol:


That is tomorrows project. I have a show on Saturday to benefit the Susan B Koman Breast Cancer Awareness program.

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Very nice. I love the contrast that the flat black gives with the red. Well done...car looks great.



Thanks, I was not sure how the black would look as everyone normally paint the ACI splitter to match. I think it works great with the Torch Red.

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