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Waxing Question



Would I be able to wax my vehicle in the sun? or do I need to be in a cool area (ex. Garage). Also how should the wax be applied? Swirl & Haze remover > Revive > Buttery Wax? I have all 3 hex pads and the double sided pad. Which color pads should I use in which order? S&H + ? > Revive + ? > Buttery Wax + ? Sorry if these questions are "noob".

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Glad you asked this question, and we were all new at one point, no worries here. Everyone helps each other out with product use, tips, etc.


Buttery wax can be applied in the sun no problems, that's one of the great things about it. I would be a little careful about Revive and SHR in the sun, as it accelerates the drying of the product. (just tried Revive and buttery 2 weekends ago on my black finish in the sun- Revive dried really quickly, almost too fast, but the Buttery worked perfectly. I think you would have to watch the SHR for quick drying too). Give your pads a small spritz of DS before you apply any of these products, as it helps keep the pad moist and seems to keep the absorption of product into the pad down a bit. (you do this with the machine pads, too) Maybe a garage would be better first time around until you get the 'feel' of how the products work.


Pad color and order are correct: Orange pad for SHR, blue for Revive, Red for Buttery. I would stick with the hex pads myself for easier application and go to the double sided for under door handles and other small spaces. You've got it - give it a try! :)

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