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Inbetween Polish and Wax



What should I use inbetwen the polish and the wax? Should I DS the car down and make sure it's buffed good? Use BSG? Use nothing?


Also, what do you recommend between wax layers? I'm only going to do it once today and then tomorrow do another layer and that's it...

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Key is what products you're using.


If MSW or Buttery you can do a wipe down with DS and have no adverse effects, but before a layer of Americana I'd recommend Waterless. In some cases the gloss enhancer in DS doesn't play well with the Americana, generally when they're used close together.


BSG isn't like a typical glaze, its a topper instead of a base so always save that as a last step if you intend to use it at all.

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As a DD I'd put (and I will be) 2 coats of MSW on it and then follow it up. Remember to let the MSW off gas for 12-24 hours first.


MSW last what seems like forever.



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