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Honda S2000 Detail


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I had the chance to break out the PC and do a thorough cleaning on the S2000 over the weekend and I am extremely pleased with the results. After about 5 hours of working in a sauna for a garage, I now have a smile on my face. :thumbsup:


I used the following Junkman method

1. Clay

2. SHR

3. FMP

4. Revive Polish

5. MSW


Before photos










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Very nice, look forward to seeing the full car shot!


I really can't wait to get the products to use on my Camaro. Though she's relatively new, she could definitely use some preventative treatment. Doh, reminds me that I got out of work yesterday with a big chip on my passenger side door. Someone in my parking garage must have parked next to me and opened their door right onto mine. I feel like it wasn't a mistake because it took it down beneath the paint.

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Leno had this car's grand daddy on "My Classic Car" this weekend. A 1964 Honda, 600cc engine putting out a screaming 57 hp. Looked like a blast to drive, right hand drive to boot!



I see a couple 2000s around here, always struck me a good looking little ride.

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The s2000 is an awesome little machine, with a 4 cyl 2.0 V TEC engine producing 240 hp that would redline a 9 grand, thats right I said 9 grand and a top speed of 160 +MPH bone stock. The engine was the highest N/A HP per liter in the world. Many have refered to the s2000 as a sports bike on 4 wheels with razor sharp handling like it rides on rails. I finally bought one last yr after wanting one since they came out in 1999. Here in Canada, they were $53,000 + new. Unfortunetly, Honda stopped making them in 09. They are considered by many in the auto world to be the best roadster in the class going up against the Merceides slk, BMW Z cars, and Porsch boxter and coming out on top during comparisons against all these cars. Truly a one of a kind sports car, and one that will be hard to beat for a long time. I will keep it forever. I LOVE MY S2K !

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