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PC 7424 Question



I bought a PC 7424 several years ago and have used it from time to time. Today, while doing my Vette, I noticed that even at speeds of 5.5-6 with minimal pressure, the pad would not spin correctly. At lower speeds, I almost had to hover the PC over the paint in order for the pads to spin. Am I missing something? From what I've seen in the videos and Adams detailing DVD, the PCs seem to spin freely even with heavy pressure.


Thanks for any suggestions. :pc:

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Not sure about the washer note. It's been several years since I received the PC so can't say for sure. Where does the washer go?


Regarding the extension cable... I use a standard outdoor extension cable. Nothing else is running at the time since it's in the garage. I have florescent lights in the ceiling so I doubt they're a problem or even on the same circuit.


Just in case, what gauge cord should I be using?


Thanks for the replies.:thumbsup:

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Have you been and are you using the correct extension cord? This unit is amperage sensitive, so you can't use some high gauge extension - you need to go to some large conductors (low gauge).


Also, if the extension is correct, are you putting the PC on a circuit that is also providing power to some halogen lights(i.e. is the circuit heavily loaded)?

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