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This weekend I detailed my Mom's Charger for Mother's Day. Its not in bad shape so I figured I'd try just the White pad and FMP first (after washing and claying properly). Not good enough on my 2x2 test area. So I stepped up to the Orange pad and SHR, then white/FMP. Still not to my satisfaction. So I did 2 Orange/SHR passes and then one white/FMP. Acceptable now, but there were some lingering swirls although water spots and minor swirls were gone.


I varied pressure and speed of movement (not OPMs) and amount of product (SHR/FMP and the amount of DS on the pad).


I would have stepped up to the yellow pad, but daylight was burning and I wanted to at least get the car done.


So, for first time Adam's detailing on a vehicle where there are obvious swirls (none that consistently "catch" a finger nail) is it best just to start with the yellow pad and be sure to work them all out?


I found that some swirls on the vette could also only be conquered with the yellow pad.


Also, how the heck are guys (and girls) getting by with the new kits where the yellow pad is no longer included?

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I bought the yellow pad seperately. You just really have to depend on your experience and best judgment. After time, you are able to judge a car and take an educated guess at what products to start with. If two passes of Orange Pad/SHR didn't provide sufficient results to me, I probably would have gone right to the yellow pad w/SHR. If that doesn't provide, I would go to yellow pad and a Menzerna product I have (That would be EXTREMELY bad paint/swirls/scratches though).

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I have an older kit where the yellow wasn't included but bought one a few months ago.


You should ALWAYS start with the least invasive way possible if you're not sure. If Adam, AJ or Dylan to only name a few were to do it they'd know right off which one to use. For someone that may do it twice a year then I think the above applies.


I only used my yellow on the rear bumper of my car where correction was nearly impossible and where I still didn't get all the marks out.


If you wait long enough that M word won't be needed...


Good luck!


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