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Crap, my pads might be ruined



So i recently detailed my friends car and he had done some rust touch up awhile back. Anyways i did some swirl and haze remover with the yellow pad and worked my way down. It removed a bunch of dark crap! im assuming its paint but im worried. i didnt have much all purpose cleaner to begin with so i couldnt finish washing the pads. i ordered more cleaner but it wont be here until thursday (this happened friday). Will letting the pads dry hurt my ability to get the crap out of the pad. Sort of like setting a stain in a shirt? Any tips on how to take out the paint better?...Or whatever the embedded stuff is?:help:

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I sure did. They Turned out great! the dawn did a good job. I couldnt believe how long it took to get the suds out though!


Ya.... Sorry... That's a huge downfall to using Dawn. Make sure it's not the ultra dawn and if it is it doesn't take much... We use the foaming dawn at home.



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