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New to Adam's, new to detailing, new to the site!


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But on the bright side, I own four vehicles, so I will here to learn as much as I can. That will also keep Adam's business happy ( ;) )and me busy. My name is Randy, and I am originally from San Jose. I am in the Army, so I have lived a couple of places that is brutal on a finish. I call the San Antonio area home now, although I am stationed at Ft. Benning, GA for the time being. My wife and I own a '55 Chevy 210 with a 383 Stroker that belonged to my Dad, a turbo'd 2000 Honda Civic EX that is currently in storage in Georgia, a 2003 4Runner SR5 V8, and a 2003 Corolla Turbo. Only the '55 has gotten the proper Adam's treatment. I will be posting a write-up in that section shortly. Before heading to Georgia for a while, I plan on doing the 4Runner and Corolla with some Americana. I have washed them both with the Car Wash, and they looked phenomenal just from that! The Civic, unfortunately, will have to wait. I have to leave all my Adam's goddies here in Texas.


Recently, I returned from Iraq for the third time. My wife bought me the Premium Kit as a welcome home gift. I know, she is the best! I have heard and seen great things for a while on other forums about Adam's from Jason (Faze), Chris (MookSStunna), and Dylan. Now it was time for me to try them out for myself. I couldn't be more impressed! :2thumbs: I am proud to say I am now a loyal customer, and look forward to spreading the good word to others with a passion for cars and top-notch detailing products. Thanks!

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Welcome M8! My buddy has a 2000 Civic Turbo too. He personally built it all himself. I believe he's only pushing 300 at the wheels though. Not too bad for a D motor.

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Thanks all for the warm welcome. I have to say this is a very well done forum and everyone seems to be extremely friendly. Look forward to learning and sharing more down the road.

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:welcomebanner:Proud to have you on board. Thanks to you for your service.:bravo:

I appreciate it!





:welcome: Hello Randy and Welcome. Thank You for your service. As one Vet to another, I salute you :patriot:


Semper Fi


Thanks a lot!:patriot:


Welcome to the club


I feel like there should be a secret hand shake or something. ;)






Sounds like you have a great wife. :thumbsup:


Thank you for protecting me. :patriot:


Thanks, she is truly awesome and incredibly supportive!

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