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Favorite Movie Lines


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here ya guys go the best speech ever I MEAN THE BEST , there is no better



(couple profanities)



Anything Al Pacino says is great! Criag Gass does some great impressions. Does some impression of him saying nursey songs and it still sound cool!

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these are probably my favorite quotes i can think of right now. And its making me laugh just typing them up



"This town needs an enema" (the Joker) Batman


"I like you Betty.....

Thanks Danny Sir......

you take drugs Danny.....

Every day....

Good" (Danny and Tie) Caddyshack


"OK..OK...OK.....we'll take the black and the jews....but we dont want the Irish" (crazy white man) Blazing Saddles


"Hey you awake.....


I hate your guts......

As soon as your eyes shut Im gona punch you square in the face...." -Step Brothers

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