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Well, it figures, a few weeks after my beautiful detailing job and a guy here at work side-swiped my Camaro. The right rear quarter panel has a dent and paint scraped through to the plastic. The guy owned up to it and left a note, so I got lucky-he's paying for the damage out of his pocket, which came to right at $800.00

There were also a few dings the estimator found on the doors, but no damage to the finish on those. I'll get the paintless dent removal people to take care of that..SO I'm going to take some time off around Labor Day and just redo the entire car, claybar, SWH, FMP, and wax-good idea or no? I think they wash it after they finish the repairs, since I saw a bunch of guys washing a bunch of cars at the collision place, and THAT worries me too. What do y'all think?

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Bummer, but nice that he owned up to it! :thumbsup: How mad would you be if there hadn't been a note?


Someone slammed into my Excursion at a restaurant, dented the fender, removed paint, and lacked the integrity to leave a note. Boy was I ticked!:mad:

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