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HELP! White Film on Alum. Wheels


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If they are aluminum, apc and gwc can be hard on the finish.


If you have any metal cleaner try some of that on small area, and see if that gets rid of the milly haze, and if the spot that you are working on starts to turn black the wheels are not coated, there are a lot of products out there that ARE not good for aluminum, the turning whitish make me think that your wheels are not coated as I don't think APC would turn a clear coat milky.


When I clean my wheels and tires on Deuce, I spray the tires with a 50/50 solution of APC and water, and scrub with tire brush and wash the wheels with soap and water.





It's kind of like at the car wash, the engine cleaner will turn aluminum white also, like intakes and such.


I got alot of practice and learned alot about polshing alum. when I had this;





Shine On


apc and gwc can be hard on the finish.


I would like to change this a bit,

I've "heard" that GWC can be hard on polished alum. surface, as I don't have any GWC. :o


And I don't usually apply APC to my wheels.


I apologize for the above statement.:bow:


I wash my Alum. wheels with soap and water, and polish with Adam's Metal Polish, and other wheels get washed with soap and water and polished with MSW and maintained with DS.

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