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  1. Thanks Dan. I will have everything ready when I reach out Monday.
  2. Has anyone had customer service issues recently? I constantly hear about how Adam's has the best service in the market, but I have had nothing but bad luck. Back in March 2017 I bought a premium foam gun that didn't seal properly. I called the customer service line twice and received no help. To this day, I still use the leaky gun. Zero other problems and a few purchases later I buy a Hex Grip Applicator in July 2018. The applicator falls apart a couple days after purchasing. I called and wrote an email, but both resulted in no responses. Now today, I am trying to put in a $400 order for a ton of products, but the purchase wont go through on the website. I tried calling customer service again and was told to leave a message due to unusually high call volume. It has only been a couple hours since I left the message, but I still haven't had my call returned. I absolutely love Adam's products and I have turned many friends and strangers onto this company, but I am really losing faith in the customer service I have received. Has anyone else had similar experiences?
  3. I've been experiencing this too and just living with it. Lately, it has become more of a nuisance to me and I have been searching the forums for others with this issue. I need to have the quick connect very loose before it connects properly. Once it is connected I will retighten the hose to eliminate leaking. Honestly, it is bad enough where I dont even consider it a quick connect anymore since I am basically having to loosen and tighten the connection manually each time.
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