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  1. If you're talking about the hydroshot's own foam cannon attachment then it does foam. I have the combo and it's comparable to a foam gun but not the actual 1800+ psi pressure washer foam cannon type of foam.
  2. Does anyone know if the snub nose foam cannon kit come with the 1.1mm orifice for low psi pressure washers? I'm assuming it's almost if not the same kit as MTM has on their site. If it is I would prefer to order from Adams to support a great company, thanks in advance.
  3. my wife has those all over the front of her mazda. it looks like something should be felt there but it's just smooth. the only way iv'e removed it was from light sanding followed by compound and polish. even then it was not gone completely (prob no sanding deep enough?). def something you should prob not tackle without a test panel and/or a buffer.
  4. They both smell the same to me, the only diff is the one on the left smells stronger.
  5. let me taste it first and confirm.
  6. Just curious, is there a diff between leather conditioners that are diff color?
  7. My dad uses the same garage to cut wood in the winter, even with a dust extractor it gets dusty. Compressed air is your friend, if you have a thing that blows up air beds that workks too
  8. Thanks for the confirmation will be getting some if my mystery boxes doesn't contain any
  9. toua


    Lol mine must be made with real honeythen
  10. Welcome once you go to polisher youll be kicking yourself for not getting one sooner????
  11. this heat gun trick will come in handy this weekend on a certain mazda
  12. I know you've posted a while ago and don't know if you coming back to check up on this but i've always had good luck removing stubborn water spots with cleaner wax or just polish by hand.
  13. toua


    I'm just curious because it's becoming more apparent now, but does anyone else notices bees around when you use detail spray? Every time I use detail spray to help dry a bee or two will hang out around my car. This is especially apparent when i use it generously on the front of my car before going on a long road trip.
  14. toua

    Food Thread

    I'll pay for shipping to Minnesota
  15. does anyone know if the trim coating is slippery? i've tried some other brand coating and even after 24 hours it def still feels kinda of oily slippery.
  16. open all the windows and use forced air if you have it, that's what i do after everywash and it has been working for me pretty good
  17. I leave thats how i know which towel is used for detail spray lol
  18. well if doesn't work at least people know those little rascals love their mom LOL
  19. this just order the combo, i've never used a cyclo before but seeing as how i "HAD" to get a swirl killer mini to finish up a a car i was polishing i'd image it'd be hard to use the cyclo on the smaller areas.
  20. this is just my opinion but i would't clay if you weren't planning on at least polishing (even if it's just hand polishing), if you do be careful of marring. nothing worst than a good looking car with marring marks here and there. if it were me and i didn't have the polishing tools yet, since it's almost winter i would just do a good wash and use h20 guard and gloss until spring comes around.
  21. toua

    Food Thread

    dat meet loaf doe, am i the only one that likes school lunches? soggy french toast ticks man.
  22. Detail spray got me hooked, but Guard and Gloss is my fav.
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